Welcome to Sacred Belly

Do you feel stressed out and overwhelmed by your life?

My name is Jill Hruska and my wish is to invite you to harvest wisdom I have been and continue to collect from many amazing teachers, authors and elders of the past, present and future. The blog is about thriving in the life you have that is often perfectly imperfect in so many ways. The tips, tools, lesson and articles will take you from a place of surviving to a practice of thriving.

  Finding out the cadence of your universal song and soul guided purpose is so essential to all of in this life and it is an evolving practice. Many of us have lost the ability to listen to the songs our soul sings to us.  Through self reflection, and practicing silence and observing the gifts around us we can essentially return to the song of the soul.  The gift of tuning may be found in our bellies and the practice of connecting to the deep wisdom we all hold is nothing short of a sacred act.  

If you have the heart of a child, the body of an adult and the soul of a wise elder then this blog is for you.

Let’s journey together working on trust, trusting the helping spirits that guide us, and trust yourself and the process. 

Claim your freedom and let your inner essence flow freely.

“Help me to learn what I need to know to know my own Divine worth and propel me forward in the most perfect way for the highest benefit of my True Self’s expression. As I learn, I manifest the lessons that are required for me to grow through, and as I trust this, I allow my life to be my teacher. As I know that I am worthy of this, I claim authority in all situations so that I may know that I am claiming my worth and that the information I require to learn through, that is coming to me as needed, will support me in all my deeds.”

The Book of Mastery-Paul Selig

Pgs 51 and 52

Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada

We welcomes diversity of race, culture, ethnicity, gender, spirituality, identity and ability

We can help you develop a holistic health practice to create the life you envision.