The Song of the Soul

I live in Canada and have for most of my life except in 2005-2006 I lived in a small suburb of Sydney, Australia called Doll’s Point.

Living in Canada brings many blessings,  I have learned to cultivate patience in so many ways, most recently in regards to our winter. We have been sitting at -30 degrees Celsius for the last several weeks. I am currently living in a place where the air hurts my face. The sun sets at 6:10 pm and rises at 7:37 am. It is bone-deep cold.

My patience has been challenged in a different way at this particular season in my life.  It began in such a way that I would describe as insidious, it just kind of snuck up on me without a large notification or introduction.  I remember in my biology class my teacher told us if you put a frog in a beaker and slowly began heating the water, the frog would boil to death (why you would do this is beyond me). However, if you put a frog into hot water the frog would attempt to escape. Why am I using these poor amphibious creatures in my metaphor and what is the significance?  My job of 18 years had become my boiling beaker of water.  I felt like I was slowly being boiled alive. It wasn’t anything, in particular, it was just being out of synch with my core essence and committing weekly to distance myself from my spiritual cadence.

How Do You Know Your “Done”?

There have been a very few occasions in my life when I have reached a point when I am done, done.  Was it because I have slid into the half-century club?  My sleep was becoming sporadic and sketchy, everyone and their dog seemed to annoy me? Everything hurt, even the bottoms of my feet ached in the night when I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I was feeling OAF (old as f—k) and I had barely slipped into the half-century mark.   

My soul was calling to me, requesting a change, an urgency to recommit to my vows of childhood. In my experience, I have found once that whisper begins it’s best to embrace, explore and open up to it or it will get louder and lose its patience.

Take an Personal Inventory

Was I living the best life in the best way I could leave a legacy of who I wanted to be? Not really.

Was I eating well? Sometimes, most of the time.

Was I getting enough sleep? Trying but waking up at 3:00 am and lying there ruminating does not fill the energy requirements I needed.

Was I getting outside, earthing, enjoying the bounty of Mother Nature, Gaia? As I mentioned it’s been flipping cold so that was a big no!

Was I meditating, keeping active and enjoying time with my family and friends? Yes, I did have that going for me but that alone wasn’t enough.

I made the decision with the support of my husband to be that person that leaves the secure triple figure salary, ok not quite that much, job to relax, recharge and discharge. I am on a journey, to bring adventure back as one of the basics of life.  I’ve discarded the ideology to consume and work hard for retirement and I have refocused to sit in the entire essence of who I am every day. I removed and donated the costume that I had used to hide my heart and soul from the rest of the world.

The exploration began last summer. I randomly took a nine week course with Robert Moss called, Living Your Mythic Edge Opening to Synchronicity, Magic and the Wisdom of the Oracles Around You. The lessons were completed outside under a Saskatoon bush in my backyard while several robins pillaged the sweet berries and fed them to countless fledglings. In the course of the nine weeks, something shifted in the core of my being. Robert is a story teller, a dream shaman and an author. He escorted me into the realm of possibility of learning the ways of magic and adventure through dreams and observing my daily messages. 

Active Your Inner Wisdom

Robert activated the wisdom, the robins, accompanied me daily  in the journey to align with the tempo and cadence of my spiritual song.  My life has drastically changed as a result of opening myself up to the possibility of magic and how oracles,  helping spirits will play patiently trying to communicate with you so you may receive the wisdom and guidance you had as a child. 

My new vows now look something like this:

I play with my  grandson, set daily rituals, commit to tend to my heart and soul every day.  

I sit quietly so I can be open to receive the gifts of love insight and passion that we as humans were meant to enjoy.  

I create, play, and observe.  There are small changes that are wrapped in blessings every day.  

I am sleeping soundly every night.

My body has stopped hurting.

I am watching and leaning from the earth and her creatures.

I don’t feel like my life is eroding away and that I am missing all the highlights.

I gently consume and try not to take more than I need so there is something left for others.

I stopped feeling old, I now feel wise and vibrant.

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