Reconnect With The Earth if your feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by your life.


It was the summer of 2017 and I was experiencing pain on a daily basis. Pain can be insidious at best, nondescript, as it lingers in areas of your body, claiming everything yet nothing all at the same time.  I had consulted with my physician and it was determined there was nothing significant in terms of a diagnosis that was contributing to the pain I was experiencing.  My only course was to take a daily combination of oral medications. I am not that old (according to my self-perception) I just wanted to explore all of my options prior to taking medication daily for pain.

Theory to support the practice

I stumbled across the work of Clemans G. Arvay who is a scientist and an author of  The Biophilia Effect. The biophilia effect states that environments rich in views and imagery of nature can reduce stress and increase focus and concentration.

Did this mean that spending time in nature would reduce stress and potentially help alleviate the pain that is was experiencing? It was worth some investigation.

I began a ritual daily of removing my socks and shoes and planting my feet solidly on the ground for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. I began to stretch out so I could contact the ground with my entire body daily.  After about a month of this experience, something began to change in my body.  It was subtle at first, like when you have a toothache that throbs and then it is just gone.  

I was not sure the moment the throbbing subsided you are just aware it has ceased. I continued with my investigating of the phenomenon and found other engaging information I would like to share with you. There is a documentary called Grounded by director Steve Kroschel that explores the pulsed electromagnetic field of the earth and how these frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body’s circadian rhythms, energy meridians flow and keeping the body free of pain.

The practice of daily connecting with the electromagnetic field of the earth is also known as earthing. After experiencing the benefits of daily “earthing” and noticing the significant decrease in general pain throughout my body I would support the practice for any individual who is seeking a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical option for dealing with generalized nondescript pain that appears to have no organic cause.

Start a practice and make it your own

Initially plan  to spend 10-20 minutes a day, either physically or mentally connecting with the earth and or nature. In Dr. Arvay’s work, he suggests even thinking about nature can be beneficial.  So if you are bed bound you can still embrace the benefits be visualizing natural elements.

Bring nature inside your home. Pick items that make your heart happy or have meaning for you. When I travel I like to bring home a rock or stone that captivated my attention. 

Rocks collected by author

Press your favourite summer flowers.


Buy plants for the inside of your home. If you have pets and or small children ensure the varieties you choose are not harmful. Aloe Vera is an example of a plant that’s a nice option for your home.

Bring flowers or in season flowering plants into your home.

Collect driftwood, pine cones, nests and feathers that have fallen to the ground.

Pottery and frames made from re-purposed wood can add an earthy feel to your home.

Gemstones can be a beautiful addition and many people including myself receive great joy from having them in the house. My grandmother seemed to be drawn to stones, rocks and gemstones and I remember as a child, I spent hours looking at them and touching them. If you peer at the stone and used your imagination it would seem there are secret magical worlds available to you. One of my favourite stones is labradorite. It has iridescencent colour and refractions of light that truly bring joy and wonder to those that care to notice.


Water features, fish and aquariums can be very relaxing and beneficial to those that choose to tend to them.

How grounding your body and connecting with nature can help stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

If you can get outside and walk, walk often far if your environment lends itself.  Walking is a natural, free gift we can bestow upon our hearts, minds and spirits.  Walking can strengthen our bones and increase our stability, help us to maintain a healthy body weight, regulate our blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This in turn, may help connect us with the profound sights and sounds of our natural world.

Get down on the ground and just connect in any way you can.  Lay on your back and look up at the clouds, lie under a tree and watch  the mother robins feed their speckled chested fledglings, smell the grass, listen for the sounds of nature and watch yourself relax and embrace the cadence of deep wisdom at work in perfect harmony.

Dig in the dirt, gets some pots and plant flowers and vegetables. If you are limited for space there is an entire practice of gardening in containers.  It is a common way of life in countries that are limited with physical space. Pick your favourite colours, textures and smells.  I like to plant sweet peas because my great grandmother planted them and they remind me of everything I loved about her.  Nanny was sweet and sassy, loving and had a marvellous cackle when she was amused. If she was annoyed her green eyes snapped and changed colour right before your eyes.

Picture below is my Great Grandmother “Nanny” with her flowers.

Nanny with her flowers


Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, the process itself is energizing and somewhat liberating.

While you are out there, breathe and breathe and breathe.  

How amazing nature really is once you start to observe.

Last summer when I was visiting a childhood friend in Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada we were surrounded by forest fires.  We were safe in the area but there was massive amounts of billowing smoke from surrounding communities. I live on the prairies where we have wide open spaces and clear blue skies.  We are affected at times from smoke from fires up north but it is not a regular occurrence. 

View in forest Christina Lake 2018, air is much clearer.

In Christina Lake, there was such a haze from the smoke that it was difficult to see clearly across the lake. When we walked in the forest, it was clear and rich with oxygen. It was difficult to believe we were surrounded by forest fires. Trees are like the lungs of the planet taking in massive amount of carbon and producing life sustain oxygen.  Who wouldn’t want spend time in and around these great surreal life giving filters and lung-like plants?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, adopting any of the practices in this blog maybe very therapeutic for you.


Jill Hruska

Registered Nurse,  BSCN, Caritas Coach, Certificate in Adult Education

I am not offering medical advice but am advocating for holistic approaches to health promotion for individuals and their families.  It is important to seek the direction of a qualified medical practitioner for significant physical symptoms.

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